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How to choose the right roof for your verandah

Verandahs are quintessentially Australian. We’re famous for our verandahs all over the world and they’re a great addition on any home. Generally the word refers to a fully roofed structure running alongside the outside of your home. Verandahs adelaide can bring the indoors, outdoors, and enable you to enjoy fresh air as well as maximum sun protection.

 verandah roof

The Roof

A verandah sits right next to your home therefore its roof is really important when you’re building from scratch, or even when you’re maintaining or adapting the verandah that you have in place already. It’s easy to get carried away as there are lots of different style options for the design aspect of the roof, however you should always try to go for something that’ll enhance or complement your existing roof. The roof pitch, and the overall design are things to consider when matching your verandah roof to your house.


Roof Materials that work best

There are two types of materials that are usually chosen for building verandah roofs.

  • Steel: eg Colorbond: this is very quick to install and is both weather resistant and durable. Steel reflects heat therefore helps to keep things cool. It has the added advantage of allowing you to match the colour to that on the roof of your home.
  • Polycarbonate: this manages to let in light and winter heat, yet keep out UV rays. This may be a good option for those who want more light than a steel roof would allow in, however it doesn’t always match with a tight colour scheme.



gutter optionsAlthough it feels like part of the house, a verandah will require separate gutting and downpipes to the rest of the home. U shaped gutters are generally the most effective. Failing to install these may result in severe and expensive damage from water leakage as the home’s guttering won’t be able to cope with all the extra water being captured on the verandah’s surface.

It’s also important that the pipes empty at a good distance from the home so as to not cause any damage to the building’s foundations. Always check your drains and gutters regularly especially after heavy winds or seasonal changes in weather.


Expert Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask the experts. Architects and designers have lots of experience in helping clients find the verandah roof that will best complement a home. Property or building experts will also be able to direct you to the materials which will work best for your home – you want materials that are durable and able to withstand any specific climate threats in your area. Or go directly to the source and ask experts like to discuss your options.