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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

Although the Australian climate is often envied around the world, it can lead to problems. In many parts of Australia, homes, offices and their inhabitants are constantly exposed to the glare and UV rays of the sun for hours each day.

What’s the best way to protect yourself from this, without having to surround yourself in shade or darkness – office window tinting Adelaide.

Window Tinting Options

Window tinting is a really popular option – not least because it is effective and cost efficient. There are a number of different options, which can suit a variety of circumstances so take some time to research and figure out what the best one may be for you.

The price of Window Tinting varies and depends upon;

  • The type of Window Tinting you use – the cheapest way is to use film tinting which is also easy to do yourself by cutting the film to the correct size and shape. However OEM tinting and Coated Tinting can be more expensive options.
  • Whether you decide to carry out the process yourself or hire professionals – have a think about whether you have the skills for the job. Although it could save you money to carry out the work, try to avoid making careless errors, which may increase installation costs.

What Costs are Involved in Window Tinting?

  1. You’ll need to purchase the materials. Window tinting can be purchased either pre cut or in rolls. It’s worth considering the size and shape of the window that needs tinting; if it’s very big or a difficult shape, it may be more cost effective to hire professionals.

The material usually costs around $40 -$70 per square metre however this varies depending on the quality and the type of window tinting you choose.

  1. Next you’ll need some tools. There are relatively few tools required for DIY window tinting however you’ll need to check which tools your supplier recommends that you use for the application process
  1. Alternatively, you may choose to hire professionals. In this case, you’ll need to budget in their labour costs which are generally charged at any hourly rate. Ask for a quote before the work begins and always ensure that you read the small print.

Think Long Term

Although you may be reluctant to spend money on window tinting, the costs are often offset as they help to avoid long term damage to furniture, soft furnishings and any wall hangings or pictures in your home. Damage caused by the sun’s rays can be minimized with the right window tinting.

The best place to find more out about window tinting services in the South Australia region is