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What is a ‘zip screen’?

Welcome to my first ever post! I thought I’d kick off with zip screens mainly because we I just installed one to enhance a section on my verandah that we frequently use for entertaining (pictures to come!).

A zip screen was really the best option and I’m surprised to hear that not many people consider them! My wife and I were originally considering extending the verandah with an awning but decided a zip screen ticked more boxes. Take a look at what they actually are and make a decision for yourself.

What is a zip screen?

Zip screens are relatively new to the Australian market, however they offer the ideal solution for many homes and businesses requiring shade blinds to use both inside and outside. Perfectly suited to Australia’s harsh climate, zip screens offer an excellent option for both residential and commercial properties who are exposed to extreme sunlight, strong winds or lots of insects in the air.

zip screen

How they work?

Zip screens have a “zip” that runs inside an inside channel and is welded along the length of their cloth side. Cushioning pads hold the zip back in the outer channel, and the zip is able to stop the cloth from being ripped away from the channeling at its edges.

The zip screens are made from highly durable fabrics and these are sealed at the edges, keeping them neat and tidy as well as fully functional. One of the big advantages of the zip screens being tightly sealed is that the fabric remains taut and prevents bugs, noise and light from getting in.

A great option for larger window areas, zip screens are custom made meaning that they’ll offer maximum fit and efficiency in keeping the outdoors out.


What are the advantages of a Zip Screen?

There are a huge number of advantages for businesses and homeowners to benefit from when installing zip screen blinds. After the initial start up expenditure of having the blinds fitted, the durable nature of the fabrics used mean that there will be minimal maintenance and ongoing costs.


  • Zip Screens are a neat and tidy option for windows that would otherwise require shade blinds. They are ideal for restaurants and cafés who have an outdoor area and want to entice potential customers into a pleasant, bug free eating environment.
  • If you need to ensure protection from sunlight or strong UV rays, zip screen blinds work as a very effective black out option. The mesh fabric used to make zip screen blinds reflects heat and light rays, keeping your area cool and shaded. In addition, you’ll have a zip screen blind custom fitted to your area so you won’t have to deal with light coming in through gaps.
  • Sometimes noise can get a little much and zip screen blinds are great at keeping out noise when you need a bit of peace and quiet. Once drawn, air is trapped between the window pane and the fabric which draws on the concept of double glazing and reduces the amount of noise that can come in.
  • As long as your zip screen blinds are installed onto a secure point, they are ideal for areas that are exposed to windy conditions. There will be no more instances of cloth billowing out of side channels or pulling so hard that it rips the fabric creating more hassle for you.
  • Zip screens are generally motorized so you’ll be able to control them simply by pushing a button. This ensures that the area around them won’t look messy with pulleys and ropes and they’re simple and easy for everyone to use.

Lastly, zip screens can be custom powder coated to fit into whatever area you’re installing them so you won’t have to worry about them being an eye sore in your beautiful surroundings.

So there you have it. They’re pretty cool! Next post I’ll be discussing different types of window blinds.